"Guitar sounds as a little orchestra itself" Beethoven

Guitar is a young instrument that exists in this form around 120 years,
while some instruments, in this sense, did not change almost twice as long.
This leads us to conclude that the repertoire for classical guitar is very narrow.

Viktor Ilich


Viktor Ilich was born in Smederevo where he gained basic music education, then finished the ''Lisinski'' high school in the Belgrade, and graduated at the Faculty of Musical Arts in the Belgrade.

Virtuosity, very quick reading of the notes, wide opus of styles from the Baroque to modern composers, are the features that make this artist.

Not just that concerts are the sphere of Viktor's action, but he equally devotes his time to pedagogy and the extension of the guitar solo and duo repertoire, which refers to the adaptation of compositions not originally written for a guitar. The collection of a Viktor's transcriptions currently includes 500 works and over a 50 composers from a 10 styles.

Although he is generally oriented towards transcription creating, his pupils and students have won over a 10 awards in domestic and international competitions in recent years.

As a pupil and a later as a student, Viktor has won more than 20 awards, of which 13 are the first:
State Competiton 2000 and 2002; State Competiton laureate 2004, Guitar Art Festival 2001; 2006 (the oldest category winner), International Guitar Festival in Murska Sobota (Slovenia) 2007; 2008. ’’Andres Segovia’’ Velbert (Germany) - 2nd and a special prize for the best-performing of work from a Romanticism era.

Under the patronage of ''Instituto Servantes'' and the Spanish embassy, Viktor performed at the concert series with a famous Spanish guitarist and composer Jose Luis Martinez, with a ’’Big Band’’ on the occasion of the Spanish inauguration in the post of EU presidency.

He studied at numerous masterclasses with the world's leading guitarists:
The Assad Brothers, Carlo Marchione, John Duarte, Manuel Baruecco, Nikita Koshkin, Goran Krivokapić, Pablo Marquez, Roberto Aussel, Dušan Bogdanović...

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